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Can you really survive a season with just 20 items? Absolutely.

In fact, you could probably get away with as little as 16… or even 12 (but I haven’t quite graduated to that level of minimalism just yet). Nevertheless, this 20-piece wardrobe will create countless outfits (casual and formal) this winter.

This is the second capsule wardrobe I’ve curated and without a doubt I’ll do it again next season. The benefits are numerous:

* No more decision-making fatigue. * Everything works together.  * It takes less space to store. * You’re not overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice. * You can try a new style (without having to marry it). * You spend less time shopping. * You save more money. * You make far fewer spontaneous (and often regretted) purchases. * You can let go of clothes without feeling guilty (you’ll need to replace them after 6 months). * A new capsule wardrobe (every 6 months) means no shabby clothes. * You can experiment with themes: Monochromatic minimalism or bohemian rhapsody… the limit is your imagination (and next season you can reinvent yourself all over again). * You’re in love with everything in your wardrobe. * It will all fit into ONE suitcase… Who needs a packing list?  * Your clothes are tailored to fit the body you have right now.


I wanted my wardrobe to feel like a cocoon this winter (chunky knits, wool coats and warm tweeds).  I was inspired the trending checks, very British brogues and sultry over-the-knee boots on the runways.  The result is a wardrobe that wouldn’t be out of place in an episode of Peaky Blinders, but is still very feminine (and sexy when it needs to be).

Here’s where I sourced the pieces in my capsule wardrobe this season:

Pascale Booysen | Winter Coats Capsule WardrobeCOATS | black dress coat (Daniel Hechter); camel 3/4 coat (Daniel Hechter); burgundy coatigan (Country Road)

Pascale Booysen - Winter SweatersSWEATERS | burgundy roll-neck (Zara); cream oversized knit (H&M): black roll-neck (Zara)

Pascale Booysen - Winter TopsTOPS | black polo-neck (Zara); burgundy polo-neck (Zara); navy polo-neck (Zara)

Pascale Booysen - Winter PantsPANTS | black shorts (Zara); black leggings (Zara); burgundy (Zara)

Pascale Booysen - Winter SkirtsSKIRTS | check skirt (H&M); black velveteen mini skirt (Country Road); navy mini skirt (Witchery); burgundy leather-look skirt (Forevernew)

Pascale D.S. Booysen - Winter ShoesSHOES | black over-the-knee boots (Aldo); burgundy over-the-knee boots (Cotton On); camel brogues (Country Road); black brogues (Europa Art Shoes)

Last word: Another benefit of a capsule wardrobe is having the items you need at the start of the season, as opposed to shopping throughout winter only to find your wardrobe is complete when spring is just around the corner (and you spent most of winter without a coat). It might seem like a large sum to spend all at once, but if you save ahead of time you’ll be able to assemble your capsule wardrobe twice-a-year guilt-free!


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