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CHEN LIZRA: Sabrosura is like waking up in the morning and feeling like I am having the most amazing day in my life. * Sabrosura is the sensuality that mesmerises others and makes us feel amazing about ourselves. * It’s inside all of us – men and women alike – and where we feel our own magic. It feels so special because it sits on self-love, but not the kind that’s narcissistic. * When we feel the sabrosura in our body, it almost feels like being in love, having butterflies in our stomach. It gives us confidence and makes us feel that we can have what we want, and it releases a simple happiness. * In order to feel the sabrosura we need to let go completely of all of our inhibitions and feel great about us, getting to what is called in Spanish – disfrutar – taking pleasure and giving ourselves permission to feel uniquely gorgeous. From there we can connect deeply. * When we feel great about ourselves we find it easier to be generous and to share how great we feel with others. It affects how we present ourselves in all areas of our lives, and ultimately affects our positivity and success.

The word sabrosura is just another reason why I love language.



The book? Visit: My Seductive Cuba.

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