One year. (28) lessons:

Manage your energy and not your time. * If your goals don’t get you excited they’re not worth pursuing. * Keep a journal. * If you want to be better at something measure it more often. * You’re happiest when you feel like you’re progressing in life. * Every week take a Sabbath day. * You can’t be every woman, so be the one woman no one else can be. * Your external environment is a reflection of your consciousness. * Surround yourself with your history. * If you want to do something put yourself in a position where you can’t retreat. * If you don’t tell people about your successes, no one else will. * The quality of your life depends on where you are living emotionally. * Don’t focus on productivity focus on experimentation. * People are happiest when they are outwards-focused. * Choose evolution over entropy. * Always ask yourself: Is it fun? Is it easy? Am I getting results? (Deepak Chopra) * Put the oxygen mask on yourself first. * Hover around your strengths (Warren Buffet). * Your income will follow your personal development (Jim Rohn). * Do regular “life audits”. * Set goals for 3-month (not 12-month!) periods. * When in turmoil – move forward. * Plan your recovery time – ahead of time. * Focus is more important than intelligence. * If you’re still talking about it, you’re still worrying about it. * Dopamine is released when you do difficult tasks. * It actually takes 66 days to form a new habit. * People in life always get their “musts” – so raise your standards (Tony Robbins).


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